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Dental Fees & Prices

At Hamilton Family Dentistry, we believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. Our fees are reflective of Baltimore’s industry averages provided by Fair Health Consumer, a non profit known for providing fair and neutral information to consumers like you. You can utilize the Fair Health tool to research the cost of specific procedures so you are better prepared when planning out the cost of potential treatments.

For those of you with insurance, please note that fees will vary based on your specific PPO plan. We recommend checking your coverage with your benefits administrator or providing us with your insurance information so that we may check on your specific plan. Hamilton Family Dentistry does not represent your insurance carrier nor can we promise that they will cover all procedures.

Preventative Care

Certain insurance plans may cover up to 100%

Cleaning, Exam, Full Series of X-Rays, Fluoride (D0150)

$0 - $495

Emergency Exam

$0 - $188

Dental Cleaning (D1110)

$0 - $120

Restorative Dental

Certain insurance plans may cover up to 80%

Porcelain Crown

$300 - $1450


$20 - $400

Posterior Composite (White) Fillings

$20 - $475

D2391 (1 Surface) $20-$260
D2392 (2 Surfaces) $20-$339
D2393 (3 Surfaces) $20-$407
D2394 (4 Surface) $20-$473

Anterior Composite (White) Fillings

$20 - $475

D2330 (1 Surface) $20-$231
D2331 (2 Surfaces) $20-$288
D2332 (3 Surfaces) $20-$353
D2335 (4 Surface) $30-$438

Complete Upper Dentures

$450 - $2500


Complete Lower Dentures

$450 - $2500


Partial Upper Dentures (All Resin)

$400 - $2500


Partial Lower Dentures (All Resin)

$400 - $2500


Partial Upper Dentures (Metal Frame)

$400 - $2500


Partial Lower Dentures (Metal Frame

$200 - $2500


Cosmetic Dental

Take Home and In-Office Whitening

$350 - $550

Porcelain Veneers


Orthodontics (D6010/D6057/D6058)

$3500 - $5700

Certain PPO plans may cover up to 50%

Insurance and Payment Information

At Hamilton Family Dentistry, we work to make dental care accessible which is why we accept most insurance and third-party payment alternatives. We also have an in-house savings plan. Our Dental Wellness Club provides a budget-friendly and flexible alternative to expensive dental insurance so you can receive quality dental care at an affordable price.

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