New Year: New Healthy Dental Habits

Maintaining a good smile, including taking care of your teeth, takes a lifetime of effort. You still need to take the necessary precautions daily to keep your teeth healthy and free from decay, even if you’ve been told that your smile is beautiful. Investing in the correct dental care products and being conscientious about your routine is essential. We have curated six items you should check off your list to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Here at Hamilton Family Dentistry, we want to help and make sure your dental needs are always taken care of.

1. Bedtime Brush

Always remember to brush your teeth before you head to bed. There’s no hiding the fact that you should clean your teeth twice a day. Many of us still don’t clean our teeth before bed. Plaque and bacteria build up throughout the day, but a good night’s brushing will remove it all.

2. Brush Properly

The technique you use when brushing is just as crucial; cleaning your teeth poorly is just as terrible as not brushing at all. Use a soft, circular motion with the toothbrush to help scrape away plaque. Plaque, if not eliminated, can harden and cause calculus to build up as well as gingivitis (early gum disease).

3. Your Tongue Is Just As Important

The tongue is another common site for the development of plaque. This can cause a number of issues with your mouth and teeth, including foul breath. When you clean your teeth, take a moment to gently scrub your tongue, too.

4. Fluoride Toothpaste

Whitening ability and flavoring aren’t the only things to consider while purchasing toothpaste. Make sure it has fluoride in it no matter which version you choose.

In spite of the fact that fluoride’s potential side effects have been debated, it is still widely used to keep teeth and gums healthy. This is due to the fact that fluoride is one of the best ways to protect teeth from decay. It prevents cavities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and acting as a barrier to keep harmful substances away from your teeth.

5. Flossing = Brushing

It’s important to remember that flossing every day is just as crucial as brushing. Some people who clean their teeth frequently nonetheless don’t floss. Our dentists at Hamilton Family Dentistry clarifies that flossing has many other benefits besides removing bits of food or vegetables that may have become lodged between your teeth. It’s a great technique to decrease inflammation in the mouth, stimulate your gums, and clean your teeth.

These advantages may often be achieved by flossing once each day.

6. See Us At Least Twice A Year

Your daily routine directly affects your dental health. Yet, frequent visits to the dentist are recommended for everyone, even the most conscientious brushers and flossers. Twice yearly dental exams and cleanings are the very minimum that we recommend. We are trained to recognize possible problems and provide treatment options, in addition to removing calculus and checking for cavities.

Visit us at Hamilton Family Dentistry and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your teeth and gums remain in excellent condition.


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